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Review: Galactic Bowling

November 9, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 2:12 AM

Category: Games

Price: $ 0.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 2.1 or later

What's good: Bowling fans, watch out! Galactic Bowling's space theme gives a new spin to traditional bowling games and takes it to a whole new level. The game immerses you in a beautiful storyline where you play as one of eleven distinct and delightfully zany characters in a quest to save your planet from destruction. Explore breathtaking environments across different planets, marvel at the stunning 3D graphics, and experience highly intuitive controls that makes gameplay fun for both casual and advanced players alike. On top of all this, you'll find many exciting features such as special balls and moves, gameplay styles, and difficulty levels - all guaranteed to tailor the game to your specific preferences. It's a real bargain at just $ 0.99!

Suggestions for improvement: It would be really fun to play with real opponents in an online multiplayer mode.

Graphics - 5/5 Creativity - 5/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Controls - 5/5
App-reciation - 5/5

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