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Press Release: Latest Big Blue Bubble Titles

November 20, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:07 PM

Elven Chronicles

London, Ontario (September 26, 2009) – Big Blue Bubble Inc. announced today that their award winning role-playing game, Elven Chronicles, is now available for download on iTunes for $3.99.

Elven Chronicles puts the player in the shoes of a young knight, fighting to discover the secrets of his forgotten past, and a charismatic elf on quest for self redemption. With a massive 20 hours of captivating story, vast territories to explore, randomly generated dungeons, and gorgeous, hand drawn enemies and characters, Elven Chronicles will keep even the most seasoned RPG’er engaged.

Winner of Pop Vox’s Best Mobile Game, Elven Chronicles has garnered praised by industry professionals and critics alike.

Get it here, and check out the Official Game Trailer!


• Old School Console RPG design

• Massive World Maps

• Captivating Story

• Countless Spells, Weapons, Armour and Accessories

• Random Dungeon Maps

• Stunning Characters and Scenery

• Over 20 hours of Gameplay

Elven Chronicles was developed for the Apple iPhone 3G/3Gs, iPod Touch and powered by Torque.


Big Blue Bubble recently released Pop-A-Tronic for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store! What you might not know is that we’ve just updated it and made it better than ever!

· Improved game code and menu flow for a better user experience.’

· Auto-Bomb – bombs can automatically pump themselves up!

· New grooving music to pop to.

· Numerous gameplay improvements, including improved scoring system and new “Boss Levels.”

· Level backgrounds change color!

· Revamped option menu

· Improved Save features.

Pop-A-Tronic electrified the gaming world with its super addictive, popping frenzy! Popatronic was designed to be fun for everyone. It's simplistic gameplay and hip tunes will keep you in the 'just one more game' mentality for a long time.

Best described as a fast paced, arcade puzzler; Pop-A-Tronic is packed with a variety of explosive challenges and power ups.

Pop-A-Tronic is priced at just 99¢ and every customer gets the full version of the PC or MAC game totally free ($20 value)!

Hockey Allstar Shootout

Just released from Big Blue Bubble, is Hockey Allstar Shootout at only 99¢!

Beat the best goalies the world has to offer in this addictive, easy to play hockey shootout game! Choose between nine different countries as you attempt to deke out top class goalies.

Will you try and beat the goalie five hole? Decide to go top shelf? The choice is yours.

Enjoy the fast paced, simplistic and addicting action that comes with scoring
on the world’s top goaltenders.

With the ability to log your high scores, you’ll keep coming back to get more and more goals to become an elite shootout scorer. Great for “on the go” play when you’re traveling or just craving some hockey action.

Enjoy realistic hockey atmosphere sounds. Addictive, simple and fun. Are you up for the challenge of beating the best goalies?

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