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Review: Black Eyed Zombies

November 16, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:05 PM

Category: Games

Price: $ 1.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch (2nd generation), OS 2.0 or later

What's good: It's an undeniable fact that zombie carnage makes for extremely fun games. Experience the thrill of killing zombies once again in Black Eyed Zombies! The undead are out to get you - blast them away into the night with your gun, but keep away from evil ghouls and bats. There's wave after unending wave of brain-eating freaks - keep your wits about you and aim well. Watch out for the occasional falling skull and cake, you'll need to get these for weapon upgrades and extra life. The simplicity of the classic arcade shooting style combines with fantastic sounds to really get you engaged, so the only question that remains is, how long can you survive before dying a gruesome death?

Suggestions for improvement: Graphical enhancements and online leaderboards can make this game stand out in a pool of zombie games.

Graphics - 3/5 Creativity 4/5 Gameplay - 4.5/5 Controls - 4/5
App-reciation - 4/5

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