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Press Release: Rafter Update # 1

January 29, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 12:26 AM

Rafter becomes meatier, 10 more levels to be added.

On Popular demand, Punflay – the developers of the physics puzzle called Rafter have decided to add 10 more new exciting levels in the next update. The update is due to happen the weekend before February starts.

Most app reviewers, bloggers and gamers expressed their liking for Rafter but felt that 21 levels proved to be a little too short. The shortcoming is now taken care of with the addition of 10 ingenious levels.

For those who haven’t checked out Rafter, it is a challenging physics based game which involves blocks and spheres which have to be dropped with precision to strike a red mine. It also has scores based on the amount of time and ‘retry’s’ taken.

Priced at 99c, this is a game for the young and old who would like to tickle their ‘physics bent of mind’.

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