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Press Release: IUGO's Escape

February 4, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 8:57 PM

January 26, 2010, Vancouver, BC – As IUGO continues to bring more original IP to multiple mobile platforms, the indie studio introduces its latest sensation in casual gaming with ESCAPE, coming soon to BlackBerry and iPhone devices:

Zone out on limitless Zen puzzles with ESCAPE. Jump the little guy from stone to stone to eliminate all and solve the puzzle. Escape features:

· Endless levels and gameplay

· 2 additional unlockable difficulty modes introduced through DLC (iPhone only)

· Simple controls for all ages

· Minimalist graphics for maximum appeal

· Unique cerebral game play complimented by relaxing audio and visual effects

· Surprisingly addictive!

Screenshots (BlackBerry screens shown here):

ESCAPE is slated to launch on the BlackBerry first followed by an iPhone release shortly after. Price point for BlackBerry and iPhone apps will be announced upon release.

Preview video:

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