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Review: iSoothe

October 23, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:06 PM

Category: Health & Fitness
Seller: DesignedForDevice
Price: $ 0.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch, OS 2.2.1 or later

What’s good: Need to clear your mind? iSoothe is the perfect application to do just that! Plug in your earphones and listen to the relaxing sounds of crashing waves and a distant bonfire. Be transported to a tropical paradise as waterfalls and birdsong fill your ears. Enjoy nine different sound settings ranging from home to city, each with finer controls for various elements. If you choose to, you can wake up to any of these relaxing tracks and start your morning right! You're also provided with a selection of gorgeous screensavers that's guaranteed to add to your soothing experience.

Suggestions for improvement: Improve sound blending and sound quality (radio static, distant waterfall, and a few others are too noisy to be relaxing.)

Interface - 3.5/5 Creativity - 3.5/5 Experience - 4/5 Controls - 4/5
App-reciation - 3.75/5

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