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Press Release: Car Troller

January 7, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 1:22 PM

Extreme traffic control game is available now at App Store

Avallon Alliance has released the game Car Troller – simple and extreme traffic control game with original artwork and dynamic gameplay, based on attention, good reaction and strategic thinking.

January 6, 2010 - Avallon Alliance, developer and publisher of the games exclusively for iPhone/iPod Touch is proud to start the New Year with a worldwide launch of the game Car Troller. Car Troller is very simple yet addictive game built around controlling of traffic stream and aimed to make user's reaction fast. The first iTunes users, who have already downloaded this game, appreciated it positively and called “one of the most addicting apps”.

Designed and developed by Avallon Alliance, Car Troller for iPhone/iPod touch is a game that can be controlled with just one finger. Incredibly simple, Car Troller puts users in charge of supervising the roads of the whole town. The object is to manage different intersections and practically infinite swift car stream. Control proceeds by simple touch on traffic lights in order to change their color from green to red.

Every vehicle has its individual speed. It's important to avoid jams and prevent accidents: not to hold cars up to long and not to let them go fast. 20 levels of ever increasing difficulty offer plenty of complex intersections and require you to be very watchful.

The game features original "old school like" pixel art, hyped music and sound effects. The level selection menu enables to continue playing where you left off or to load already completed levels. Global scoring system allows comparing results with players across the world. Incredibly simple and the same time extreme, Car Troller is a perfect game for those who like games, based on attention, good reaction and strategic thinking. Car Troller is the exciting iPhone and iPod Touch app that every gamer would want.

Program Requirements:
Car Troller works on any iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 2.1.1 or later.

Prices and Availability:
The game is available for $0.99 (USD) exclusively on the iTunes App Store in Games category.

About Avallon Alliance

Avallon Alliance Ltd. is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPod Touch games. Founded in 2008, by game industry wizards Arthur Ostapenko and Askold Kalnisky, company has already grown to become the leading publisher in Eastern Europe. It became possible due to many facts: focus exclusively on iPhone market, firmness of purpose, highly-qualified stuff and unique methods of promotion.

Debut product created by Avallon Alliance - The Stone of Destiny was the first in the world hidden object game for platform iPhone/iPod Touch. Company is known for extraordinary solutions in game development and marketing. Avallon Alliance builds its own successful projects (Napsters, Mezopuzzle) and effectively collaborates with the best creators of casual games in the world (Voodoo Dimention, JoyBits Ltd., URSE Games).

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