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Review: 3D Mini Golf Challenge

January 2, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 2:45 PM

Category: Games

Price: $ 2.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 2.1 or later

What's good: A few people have asked us how we could enjoy a golf game on the iPhone if we're not avid golfers. We're sure they're probably envisioning long and boring courses with nothing to distract from the monotony, which is actually everything this game is not. In Digital Chocolate's 3D Mini Golf Challenge, there are four bite-sized challenges scattered through a hundred different tracks set in four beautiful locations - Excalibur features a cheery medieval soundtrack, knights and castle ruins, swords and stones; Transylvania shrouds you in a dark and eerie environment with pointed gates, graves and coffins, flaring lights and flames; Pirate's Cove brings you to windy shores filled with skulls, pirate flags, and wreckages of ships; and Super Nova transports you to futuristic worlds where laser beams and conveyor belts are situated amidst glowing greens and blues. Play in these gorgeous 3D golf theme parks against the clock or against a computer opponent in an exciting race to the finish, or compete against the par and sink hole-in-ones to win points and unlock new levels and trophies. Simply drag backwards from the ball and release when you determine the right angle and power of the shot, and remember to take elements like field slopes, magnetic forces, rough patches, scorching fires, and blowing winds into account. Each course has been carefully crafted to ensure a smart learning curve that helps you transition from easy, straightforward tracks to curving ones fraught with hazards, so it's only a matter of time (and practice) before even the newest players catch up to avid fans of the sport. Aside from the innovative features and diversity of play, the game also boasts of an extremely realistic physics engine and a great soundtrack, making it a perfect package of an app. In fact, for all the hours of fun and entertainment it provides, $ 2.99 is an astonishingly great bargain price. If you're looking for a golf game that's addicting and unique, hit the AppStore now and get this!

Suggestions for improvement: Although the tracks are mostly challenging, it still takes just a few minutes to figure out the best way to play each one. We really hope to see more themes, levels, and game modes (hopefully an online challenge mode and leaderboards).

Graphics - 5/5 Creativity - 4.75/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Controls - 5/5
App-reciation - 5/5

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