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Review: Hi, How Are You

January 20, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:46 PM

Category: Games
Dr Fun Fun LLC and Smashing Studios LLC
Price: $ 0.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 2.0 or later
Version: 2.1

What's good: Discover a beautifully illustrated 3D world of blocks and color in Hi, How Are You, a different and engaging platformer for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the life, art, and music of Daniel Johnston - an American indie artist and singer/songwriter - the game features an incredibly unique felt marker cartoon style and a host of eccentric characters set in imaginative maze-like levels. In this story, you play Jeremiah the Innocent, a man turned frog by the devil who steals the love of your life. To get her back, you have to beat all the stages, and this is no easy feat! Use the tilt controls or the virtual joystick to navigate maps and light up all the green and red panels, jump and stop at the appropriate times to weave your way through snaking pathways and treacherous moving platforms, and then find the exit before time runs out. At the same time, avoid and outmaneuver all sorts of strange opponents - from rolling red blocks and flying eyeballs to nameless creatures that exist only in the virtual world. As you successfully progress through the game and resist the devil's curse, you'll slowly undergo a transformation from your current state into a block and a ball and finally back to human form. Apart from earning trophies for every completed level, you also earn awards for special achievements like beating the clock by a certain amount of time and completing entire level sets - with each unlocking a piece of Johnston's original artwork for you to view and enjoy. To complete the experience, the whole app is woven through and enhanced by the beautiful and heartfelt music of an artist with real passion and a simple yet illuminating perspective in life, driving home the single recurring point - that love conquers evil. Far from being a typical iPhone game, this one combines well-executed and thoroughly addicting gameplay with a truly inspirational and meaningful theme.

Suggestions for improvement: We hope to see more levels in future updates, or more difficulty/game modes to provide a challenge that will suit players with different gaming experiences.

Graphics - 5/5 Creativity - 5/5 Gameplay - 4.75/5 Controls - 5/5
App-reciation - 5/5

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