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Press Release: Dress Jinjee Valentine's Update

February 10, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 2:01 PM

Love is in the air, and Jinjee is here to share! This Valentine's Day, along with the flowers, candy and balloons send your loved ones a message through Jinjee.

This special lil' guy or girl is waiting for you to choose a coat of frosting and a sticky sugary coating. Then add some gumdrop buttons (which gingerbread man or woman is complete without 'em?), and put a smile, or a pout on your Jinjee's face.

Wait! There's more! Choose from a colorful selection of available wallpapers or from your own camera roll. And complete your message of love with one of our pre-recorded messages or record your own to give it that personal touch.

Jinjee is now ready to be sent to friends, family and that special someone in your life.

New features:

New backgrounds to choose from.
Make your own background from your saved pictures.

The Dress Jinjee update is expected to go live in a few days, just before Valentine's Day.

Check out the video:

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