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Press Release: Scared Little Lily

December 11, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 12:11 AM

9th December - Extropia Games soon to release their new title for the iPhone and iPod touch, Scared Little Lily by award winning cartoonist Lakatos István

Meet Lily, who lives with her mother in an old homestead between beautiful sunflower fields and endless, shady forests. But why does she always look scared? Well, she knows better what those forests hide than any grown-up...

Stalked by ravenous beasts night and day, as well as helped by some really odd friends, Scared Little Lily has a stranger childhood than Lewis Carroll’s Alice – and a more dangerous one than Little Red Riding Hood.

Extropia Games is proud to announce its first platform game for the iPhone. Forget Mario, Luigi and both Gianna Sisters, thus get ready for some dark art by István with Scared Little Lily.

Introductory App Store price: $0.99 / €0.79


About Mr. Laktos

•Born and lives in Hungary, Europe

• Cartoonist, both writer and illustrator

• Won national award for his work, Man, Give Quarter!

• His comic book based on the Scared Little Lily game will be published Spring, 2010

• Has a collection of his artwork uploaded on his deviantART profile.

About Extropia Games

Extropia Europe Ltd., Budapest, Hungary (EU)

Visit Extropia Games' website

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