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News: Play Chess Elite, Win a MacBook Pro!

January 15, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 10:07 PM

Chess Elite players and fans, we've just received word from our friends at 99Games that they are holding a contest for all their players! It starts on Jan 15th and ends on March 15th.

Chess Elite is an iPhone game that allows players to play chess against other human opponents and rank the players based on their win-loss record. 99Games,creators of Chess Elite is now organizing a Chess Elite contest and awarding a sleek MacBook Pro as the grand prize to the best chess player!

About the game: Chess Elite currently has over 2,000 players who are active on its online community. The game offers a plethora of features such as Correspondence Play, Elo Rating System and Push Notification support. A recent update added Chess Clubs and Smart Groups to the game. Apart from that, the game also lets a player view their own as well as other players¹
Career Statistics.

About the Chess Elite Contest: The contest facilitates the players to polish and hone their chess skills. Players need to compete against other players in the Chess Elite online community and increase their Elo Rating by winning against other players. Everyone starts with an Elo rating of 1,600 when they join the community. There is no limit to the number of games a player can play simultaneously. Top players will be awarded with fabulous gadgets and the first player to achieve an Elo Rating of 2,500 will win a shiny new MacBook Pro. Standard Elo rating system is followed to compute the rating of players. More details at:

1st Prize: MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.26GHz: First player to achieve 2,500 Elo
2nd Prize: iPod touch 32GB: First two player to achieve 2,400 Elo
3rd Prize: iPod touch 16GB: First three players to achieve 2,300 Elo
4th Prize: iPod Nano 8GB: First players to achieve 2,200 Elo
5th Prize: iPod Shuffle 2GB: First player to achieve 2,100 Elo

Rules: More details about the contest can be found on the 99Games website:

You can download Chess Elite from the iTunes App Store:

This is a very exciting opportunity. Play and be rewarded - now, what could be better?

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