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Press Release: .appRELIEF, the Heart of the AppStore

January 19, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 9:39 PM Finds the Heart of the iPhone App Store

In light of the recent Haitian crisis, a group of independent iPhone developers band together to make a difference.

CHICAGO, IL, Jan 18. - When news of the Haitian earthquake spread, Joshua Hernandez, CEO of Chicago based Metamoorephosis Games, decided there must be something that iPhone developers could do to help. That is how, a new initiative to raise money for relief in Haiti, started.

A group of independent iPhone developers have banded together and are planning to donate a percentage of their sales to the Red Cross for aid in Haiti. The website lists the applications and games that are contributing to the effort and directs users to the iTunes store or iPhone App store for download.

Hernandez started with one post to a popular development forum, on, asking if other developers would be interested. He had a great response from other developers eager to help. Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media, Mark Sanges of Realms Apart and Amelia Meister of Sleek Games jumped in immediately.

"When I saw some of the images coming out of Haiti, I knew we had to do something to help out, so we jumped at the opportunity to help bring this coalition of developers together and make a meaningful contribution to the relief efforts," said Mark Sanges of Realms Apart Studios.

Ken Carpenter from Mind Juice Media says he chose the domain name '', because “in addition to wanting to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake, I saw an opportunity to create a permanent website that would be able to quickly mobilize the efforts of app developers again in future times of need."

“It’s so inspiring to know that we can make a difference, working together, as developers, to help others.” said Amelia Meister of Sleek Games.

Along with the creators of the effort, many other developers have committed to joining including Freeverse, Fairlady Media and Smashing Media.

One of the goals of is to encourage unity in action from the growing sector of independent mobile developers. It aims to point to the Heart of the App Store, where people are working together to help each other, around the world. is still accepting other developers who are interested in joining the effort. They can find out more information by visiting the website at

About Metamoorephosis Games

Metamoorephosis Games is Chicago's newest independent video game development studio. Metamoorephosis’ first release – bitFLIP – launched in October and was named one of The Portable Gamer’s “iPhone Picks of 2009,” in addition to being featured by Apple in the App Store. For more information visit

About Realms Apart Studios

Realms Apart Studios is a game design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia whose goal is the design and development of unique, exciting, strategic, customizable games set in fantastic, rich, new worlds.

Realms Apart Studios -

More information:

About Mind Juice Media Inc.

Mind Juice Media is a software development company whose goal is the creation of innovative new games and apps for the iPhone and the iPod Touch platform. Mind Juice has released two puzzle games, Charmed and Charmed Xmas, both of which have received rave reviews from the industry press and fans alike.


About Sleek Games

Sleek Games is a iPhone development company, creating unique and fun applications. Sleek Games has just released their first game: Running with Scissors: Pre-Season.

Contact: Joshua Hernandez


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