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Review: Alley Gator

January 30, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 2:01 PM

Category: Games

Price: $ 0.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 2.2.1 or later
Version: 1.0.1

What's good: As one of the explosively popular apps industry's leading quality game developers, Glu Mobile never fails to deliver. From the time Apple first opened up its AppStore to third-party applications, a wide and diverse array of chart-topping and best-selling games has continuously been published under their expert guidance. These range from sports-related titles and music beat generators to pick-up-and-play casual games and now, to start off 2010 with a splash, Alley Gator - the newest in their product lineup - glides onto iTunes. In this insanely fun and fast-paced game, you play Alley, an alligator on a mission to swim through the sewer tunnels of New York City in a wild race against the ticking clock. Make your way through seven distinct water alleys set in rich cylindrical 3D environments like corridors of graffitied bricks, mazes of wild underground greenery, and cool stone passageways (the game adds a whole new layer of zig-zagging fun by allowing you to tilt a complete 360 through it all). As you slide through the twisting and turning courses, tilt your device to collect red peppers, green 'invulnerability' potions, and time-freezing stopwatches. Remember to defly maneuver your way through pipes, half-closed steel filters, and various discarded junk items like tires and old television sets. To add to the challenge, you also need to watch out for creatures that lurk beneath the depths. Sound fun? You bet it is. In fact, sometimes you might just find yourself having too much fun going a hundred miles an hour, but if at any point you realize that you're moving at an unreasonably dizzying speed, simply tap the screen to slow down. A less than ideal way to go back to a relatively idling pace is, naturally, to hit an obstacle, but you should never crawl too slowly because you're only given a minute (and even less time as you progress) to complete an entire level. Before you know it, you'll have breezed through all twenty five levels, at which point you can either replay to get all the collectibles or try to beat your previous time record. Whatever the case, one thing's for sure - you won't be able to stop playing!

Suggestions for improvement: Alley Gator is so fast-paced it feels like the game was made to last only minutes! We really hope to see more levels, more collectibles, new settings and maybe features like racing against (either computer or human) opponent(s).

Graphics - 5/5 Creativity - 5/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Controls - 5/5
App-reciation - 5/5

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