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Review: Jigsaw Kiss and Daxterpieces 2

January 26, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 3:12 PM

Category: Games | Entertainment

Seller: Baby Carrot Studios, LLC
Price: $ 1.99 and $ 0.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 3.1 or later | OS 3.0 or later
Version: 1.0

What's good: Discover the colorful and breathtaking world of art meets casual gaming and entertainment with two of Baby Carrot Studio's latest iPhone applications, Jigsaw Kiss and Daxterpieces 2. In the first, you are tasked to solve two jigsaw puzzles using either the accelerometer or touch controls, where, on fitting everything correctly, the whole picture melts together into a hidden drawing that comes alive in a short animation. The latter is quite similar, but instead of having a single definite image to form, you are instead able to change the pieces in each slot with a tap to uncover layers of different scenes. As the gameplay is fairly basic and doesn't require much more than tapping and visualizing how things come together, both will engage you in a simple and light matter, but what is so profoundly deep and moving about these apps is the artwork. Created by artist and app developer Dax Norman, these illustrations depict a very original art style - one that makes extensive use of color and creative mixes of random elements to add up to visual masterpieces. Each drawing is contoured to fit perfectly with the edges of the puzzle shape it occupies, or it could be that the pieces were cleverly cut to accommodate each separate component. Whatever the case, everything contributes to the commendable uniqueness of the rich, mind-blowing 2D graphics, which in turn adds magic to the experience. There are no other apps quite like these, and if you're into games that are easy to pick up and play, why don't you give one or both a whirl?

Suggestions for improvement: The apps could both use a little more content. An in-game soundtrack will also make a great addition.

Graphics - 5/5 Creativity - 4/5 Gameplay - 3/5 Controls - 4.5/5
App-reciation - 4/5

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