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Press Release: Mystic Emporium

February 27, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 10:33 PM

99Games brings Merscom’s hit game

Mystic Emporium for iPhone

A captivating time management game that urges players to take over a magic shop and turn it into a thriving business

New Udupi, India, Feb 27, 2010: 99Games, leading developer and publisher of iPhone and iPod touch games, today announced the release of Mystic Emporium for iPhone. The game follows the adventure of Lilly, an enchanting young witch, as she takes over Mystic Emporium to fulfill her life-long dream of running her own magic shop. Merscom had released the Windows and Mac versions of this game in May last year, which was a huge hit. The iPhone version of the game has several tweaks in the game play as well as major user interface enhancements to suit the platform. Mystic Emporium marks the entry of 99Games into the popular genre of Time Management games.

In Mystic Emporium, the players are given charge of a magic shop. They must brew potions for all the magical creatures that visit the shop and sell artifacts to run the emporium. As the game progresses, the number of customers will increase and the players will have to make sure that they satisfy the customers to achieve their goal.

Key Features include:

  • 24 levels of game play along with a Match-3 mini game that the players can play to unlock different kinds of charms.
  • Upgrades of different value that can be purchased to improve the shop as well as make the task easier.
  • Several trophies can be earned as rewards on achieving predefined goals and 12 unique magic items can be unlocked for use and sale.
  • 7 different kinds of customers to be managed, each with a varying level of patience.

Mystic Emporium was the most successful time management game we ever did,’ said Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer at Merscom, “and we are really happy to partner with a company of 99Games quality to bring this great gameplay to the iPhone.”

Mystic Emporium is a fantastic game and will serve as a unique addition to the category of time management games on the App Store”, said Anila Andrade of 99Games. “The game is sure to cast its spell on gamers who love time management games and are looking for something new”, she added.

The game is now available on the App Store for $ 3.99.

App Store Link:

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More details about the game can be found on the 99Games website:

The other titles developed by 99Games for the iPhone and iPod touch include Create A Mall, Chess Elite, Christmas Sudoku, WordsWorth and Wordulous.

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