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Press Release: Spin Puzzle

February 26, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 1:39 AM

Get a fresh spin on Jigsaw apps with Spin Puzzle by Seremeres Games

Seremeres Games Launches its First Title “Spin Puzzle” for iPhone and iPod Touch

February 15th, 2010, London, ON - Seremeres Games is proud to announce the release of its frst game Spin Puzzle on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. A new take on the jigsaw puzzle game, Spin Puzzle offers a great user experience and unique art. Spin Puzzle is being made available at an introductory rate of just $0.99 to celebrate the inaugural launch of the company.

"We noticed that jigsaw puzzles tended to suffer from a series of problems on mobile devices and we thought we could come up with a solution" said Serena Samborski, CEO of Seremeres Games and designer of Spin Puzzle. "While the iPhone's higher resolution and large screen offer much better graphical area, the issue of control and clutter really interfere with gameplay with more traditional approaches on mobile platforms. Our cardinal dynamics system not only eliminated these problems, but also increase the diffculty and replayability of the standard jigsaw."

Replayability is encouraged in Spin Puzzle through the use of randomized starts for the puzzles on each load as well as having varying diffculty levels of unlockable trophies to earn while playing the games 25 puzzles. Control is simple with an intuitive touch control system of tap and drag to rotate and move pieces respectively. Simple interfaces keep load times and navigation quick for great on the go play. All the puzzle art is from works by Seremeres CEO and Spin Puzzle creator Serena Samborski, showcasing a range of anime art styles.

While Spin Puzzle is the frst Seremeres Games release the company has 4 other projects currently in production, looking to launch later this year. Optimistic about the future Serena remarked "We're thrilled to finally have a product out the door, but there's no rest for us. We've got a huge slate of developments to work on and a lot of plans for the company. It's great to have our foot in the door though, thanks to the accessibility of the App Store we can get started sooner rather than later."

Spin Puzzle is available now in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at

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Seremeres Games takes creative rights seriously and respect artists and authors. Spin Puzzle contains no copyright or trademark infringments, no images or text appear in this game without their creator's or owner's permission.

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