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Review: Crazy Penguin Party

February 14, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 4:12 PM

Category: Games

Price: $ 2.99
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, OS 2.1 or later
Version: 1.0.1

What's good: If you like fast, casual mini-games, you'll adore Digital Chocolate's Crazy Penguin Party, a compilation of six wacky party games that'll surely save you from even the most boring moments. Experience the fun of puffing up unfortunate blowfish for your penguin to bounce on, strapping on rocket packs and whizzing through the cold Arctic air, cliff-climbing on fat and springy bear bellies, gracefully free-falling from your plane's cockpit, or skating through maze-like ice passages and maneuvering your way through cold ice-filled waters. Each challenge implements very simple and intuitive controls that include swiping, tapping, and tilting at all the appropriate places - guaranteeing a smart learning curve that will have you happily playing in next to no time. Test your skills in individual games by playing either Survival or Racing Modes - in the first, you simply have to successfully implement the task at hand until the time runs out, while the second gives you a computer opponent to race against and even has five levels in varying grades of difficulty per game. You can also play Tournament with up to four players - choose whether you'd like to match up against a human or AI challenger or both - where all six games are integrated into oven ten unique boards that you play on a turn by turn basis. Whenever your turn comes, you have to select a piece on the board to move to - this represents one game that is only revealed when you land on it, wherein you are forced to successfully complete your selection to win the color corresponding to it. You can, of course, choose to try and steal your opponent's color by playing his game and making better time. In both cases, if you fail, you simply forfeit your right to own that space and give the other players a much better chance at grabbing gold. Collect enough stars to give yourself an extra turn, and land on bonus boxes for even more score-boosting stars that will help you earn the title of crazy penguin master! With its pack of fun and pick-up-and-play arcade games that span over thirty five levels of brightly illustrated cartoon graphics, catchy sounds, and hints of comic humor, this is a must-have title that's perfect for the entire family and promises hours of fun and laughter.

Suggestions for improvement: The games are fun for a while but get repetitive after a few tries, and the lack of features like collectibles and achievements get in the way of what can potentially be a really great game. Controls are also a bit too sensitive at time, and some instructions are rather unclear. To that end, we'd like to see a more comprehensive help guide or even in-game tutorials and variation that comes not from additional mini-games but is integrated into the games themselves.

Graphics - 4/5 Creativity - 3.5/5 Gameplay - 4/5 Controls - 4.5/5
App-reciation - 4/5

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