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News: Glyder 2 Tips and Tricks

March 7, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 1:50 PM

The Glyder Team compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you reach new heights. If you don't find the help you need here, please feel free to email them!


Pink Crystals: Fly to the top of the highest peak and attempt the green platform trip; there are a few pink crystals along this path.

Lakebed Challenge: We recommend using a set of wings with high power and turning like the energy wings. The trick is to drop one boulder from the top by going behind the waterfall; then fly out and grab the boulders around the lake, carry them back to the waterfall and pull a u-turn inside the cave while dropping the boulder. Grab the last boulder on top and drop it from behind the waterfall; this will put you in direct line of sight with the sunflare.

Snow Cave: To open the ice cave next to the village, fly close with the Phoenix wings!

Opening the Portal: Once you have all six artifacts, fly to the portal in Arctasia. Flying across the six holders will place the artifacts. Make sure you also have all the gold crystals. Once these criteria are fulfilled, a switch will appear in a beam of light; fly through the switch and it will open the portal door. Fly into the portal and Eryn will return home.

Single Gold Crystal: In order to remove the barrier blocking the gold crystal and to activate the fan, you must collect all 125 pink crystals in the game. Once you do this, a cutscene will show the fan activate and will enable you to collect the gold crystal.

Venture to Other Worlds: Keep in mind that you can fly to other worlds right from the start of the game; you don't need to complete everything in Arctasia. We recommend flying to Spiral Heights after Arctasia. Just fly straight off of the gold start platform.


Gathering the Flock: One is right below the challenge platform, another is floating above the small pyramid in the sand, and the last is inside the spinner that has the gold platform on top.

Pyramid Sunflares: To raise the pyramid you must find and place the four sunflares on the surrounding pillars. The sunflares are found in Arctasia, Oasis, Spiral Heights, and Sporelle.

Pink Crystals: Travel inside the giant temple and navigate the King’s traps to find more pink crystals inside his treasure room.

Red Lens: The red lens can be found inside the small pyramid. Once the four sunflares are placed on the pillars, the pyramid will raise and reveal and hidden chamber that contains the lens.

The Fiery Key: The Fiery key is revealed by completing the “Gathering the Flock” challenge. Use the key to open the Fiery Gate in Magma Core.

Where do I find the Spark Housing? The spark housing is located behind the king squeebil statue that is inside the underground section of the giant temple in oasis. You will have to fly into the large temple and get past the moving traps to retrieve the item.


Reach the Top: Reaching the top of Spiral Heights may seem challenging at first, but fly around the base of the world in search of thermals. These thermals will lift you all the way up!

The Wheel Goes Round: Use either the Quetzal or Albatross wings which have good power and lift. Grab the cog inside the cave of Spiral Heights and fly through the bottom exit of the cave. Fly towards the thermals and you’ll quickly be lifted up to the top. Fly towards the water wheel to place the cog.

Red Trip: Be mindful that the waypoints for the red trip are positioned down and to the right, never to the left. If you think you’re slightly off from passing through one of the initial waypoints during the dive, you can circle to the left a bit and then circle right; this trick readjusts your trajectory in the dive so you should be able to pass through any waypoint.

Pink and Blue crystals: Check the spine of Spiral Heights and you’ll find that there are pink crystals and blue crystals hidden in between the roots. Also check the rocks at the bottom for more pink crystals.

Where do I find the Albatross Wings? Fly through the upper tunnel next to the waterfall and follow the cavern bridge to the village in the back corner; these wings can be found sitting near this village.

Where is the Oslanium Sequencer? To reveal the location of the Oslanium Sequencer, there are several goals you will need to complete:

1 - Collect all of the blue and pink crystals in the game. This will unlock hidden worlds.
2 - Retrieve all four "Sun Flare Crystals"
3 - Collect all "Spectral Lenses"
4 - Complete the goal "Raising the Dead"
5 - Place all of the spectral lenses, thus completing the goal "Converge"

Once all of these goals are completed, the location of the Oslanium Sequencer will be revealed.


How do I open the Fiery Gate? The Fiery key is used to open the gate, and it is located in Oasis. Complete the “Gathering the Flock” challenge to receive it.

Pink Crystals in Lava: It is easiest to use the Energy wings which increases the distance you can grab objects. However, you can also watch the lava movement and correctly time when the pink crystals will be exposed before the lava covers them again.

Where do I find the Phoenix Wings? First complete the Squeebil challenge in Oasis to receive the Fiery key; then take the key to Magma Core and open the Fiery Gate. Inside you will find two treasure chests; one contains the Phoenix wings.


Where is This World? Collect all of the blue crystals to reveal its location.

Difficulty Flying Inside the Chambers: Use the Flying Fox wings which can be found on top of one of the mushrooms at the surface. These wings have very good lift for the thermals and tight turning so you can easily maneuver through the smaller areas.

What are the floating green objects? These are spores which can only be grabbed when attempting the “Room to Grow” challenge.


Reaching Ascension: Activate the fan in Arctasia by collecting all of the pink crystals in the game. Then ride the fan thermal all the way up into Ascension.

Where are the Three Colored Lenses?
- The bottom of a trench in Sporelle
- Sitting on a rock ledge overlooking the bubbling lava pool in Magma Core
- Inside the small pyramid in Oasis once it has been raised.


Tip for Gaining Altitude: To gain altitude without use of thermals or boosts, perform a procedure called “dolphining”. To dolphin, dive until the speedometer reaches a high speed. Immediately pull back to go straight up. When the low speed warning comes on, dive again and repeat this maneuver. Keep an eye on the altimeter to monitor your altitude gains.

Energy Wings: These can be found at the highest point in Magma Core.

“A Little Longer!” Achievement: From Ascension, fly straight down to the area below. From this height you will have enough time to acquire the achievement.

Phoenix and Albatross Boost Abilities: With the Phoenix wings you can grab up to five boosts and save them for later use. With the Albatross wings you can increase boost power spending time in thermals. Release the stored boost by tapping the speedometer.

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