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Press Release: FaceFighter Premium Content

March 19, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 2:30 AM

Appy Entertainment Adds Premium Content To FaceFighter

Following on the heels of a promotion that saw them give away over one million copies of their best-selling iPhone game, FaceFighter, Appy Entertainment has added premium content to their fast-paced punching game for in-app purchase. "Even after a half-dozen free updates adding new weapons, enemies, and finishing moves to the game -- as well as two player mode -- our fans still asked for more," said Appy Entertainment Brand Director Paul O'Connor. "We're listening ... so we added a fist-full of content for players to download. Now there are even more ways to beat the living crap out of your best friend."

The premium content was introduced in a FaceFighter update appearing in the iTunes App Store earlier this week, and so far, sales have been brisk. "This is further evidence of FaceFighter's power as an emerging game brand," said Appy CEO Chris Ulm. "We'll be following-up this new content with a deluxe version of FaceFighter for Apple's new iPad -- called FaceFighter Face 2 Face -- and we have another big surprise for our iPhone and iPod touch players coming this summer. We've only just started to explore everything FaceFighter has to offer."

The new content is divided into three packages.

The Character Pack has three enemies -- the wise Kung Fu expert Master Ho, glam rocker Rikki Dixx, and angst-ridden vampire teen Deadward, who is the special favorite of FaceFighter Project Director Emmanuel Valdez. "Deadward is just too tortured for his own good. I love giving him something to be genuinely gloomy about," said Valdez.

The Legendary Fury Pack offers three comical FaceFighter weapons (a ping pong paddle, ukulele, and a spiked heel shoe), while the Immortal Judgment Pack lets players finish off their foes with a speeding train, a UFO abduction, or even a set of demonic hands that drag their opponent down to the infernal realm.

Each pack is available separately for .99, or all three can be purchased together for $1.99. So far, sales of the bundle are outdistancing the individual packs by about two-to-one, but there is still plenty of interest in the single packs.

"The App Store is a new market that seems to change overnight," said Ulm. "Companies need to be alert to trends and continue presenting their games to the widest audience possible. FaceFighter has been downloaded nearly three million times in all its forms, and this new premium content allows us to reach all of those fans with follow-on sales. This is just one way among many that the App Store is offering unprecedented opportunities to micropublishers like Appy Entertainment."

About FaceFighter: FaceFighter is a fast-paced and funny first-person fighting game where you put a beat down on anyone you like. Unleash punches, kicks, and combos while defending yourself with blocks. Discover hidden finishing moves and whack bad guys with a monkey wrench. Import photos of friends or famous celebrities then take them on in martial arts combat. Battle friends in Bluetooth head-to-head mode (

About Appy Entertainment

Appy Entertainment, Inc. makes games as unique as your iPhone. All four of Appy's original games -- Appy Newz, FaceFighter, Zombie Pizza, and Tune Runner -- have been featured by Apple on the iTunes App Store.

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