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Press Release: The Nuclear Test

March 10, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 7:50 PM

Casual quiz games are ideal for short breaks, waiting in line, and entertaining the kids when your attention is needed elsewhere. Roe Mobile Development's latest iPhone application, The Nuclear Test, combines humor and simplicity with a serious topic – nuclear warfare.

“In developing The Nuclear Test, I wanted to bring create a unique quiz game that offers levity and entertainment, and highlights the state of nuclear warhead proliferation around the world.” remarks Ken Roe, the CEO and chief developer for Row Mobile Development. “The Nuclear Test appeals to preteens and teenagers, but has proven to be fun and challenging for many adult users.”

The Nuclear Test consists of 35 questions and simple tasks that test your basic knowledge of nuclear weapons, politics and warfare. The quiz is organized into five levels of increasing difficulty. Simple graphics and bold primary colors along with arcade style sounds for selections and the inevitable explosions enhance the audience appeal. Even those with solid knowledge of nuclear warfare and proliferation are challenged by the quirky questions and surprises that pop up throughout the game. Player's pass or fail results can be shared on Facebook, helping to create social awareness of nuclear brinksmanship.

The Nuclear Test is available through the iTunes Application Store: It is free through March 9, 2010. Afterwards it will be offered for $0.99. Additional information is available at Roe Mobile Development ( and on the The Nuclear Test Facebook group.

About Roe Mobile Development

Roe Mobile Development is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to creating applications for the iPhone platform. The development team at RMD brings over 20 years of experience in programming and application development for business. Other iPhone applications from RMD include Smart Recorder 2.0, a full featured audio recorder and Travel Diary which integrates photographs and location maps for documenting and sharing.

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