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Press Release: StatusViewer

March 1, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 10:16 PM

StatusViewer is a useful app that provides battery percentage, memory information and disk usage at the same time. Like most battery apps, it doesn’t only provide the battery percentage, but shows users remaining times for various tasks and has a built-in full charged alert. It also supports remaining time adjustment function in version 1.1. Furthermore, StatusViewer provides memory and disk information. All the information is shown in a single page, so users don't need to flip pages or change views. At only $ 0.99, StatusViewer is definitely a good choice for iPhone and iPod touch users looking for a simple but useful status app.

You can download the app on iTunes here :


● Great display interface

● Visual battery indicator

● Display the time remaining of the following functions:

- Standby time

- Talk time (2G or 3G)

- Network use (3G or wi-fi)

- Video playback

- Audio playback

● Remaining time adjustment

● Update memory state to get more free memory (up to 20MB)

● Full charge alert support

● Screen lock support

● Display the memory information of your iPhone/iPod touch

● Display the disk usage of your iPhone/iPod touch

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