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Press Release: Princess Tulipdancer

April 4, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:40 PM

SeremeresGames Launches New Product to Broaden the Gaming Audience

SeremeresGames Announces new IP “Princess Tulipdancer”

for iPhone and XBoxLive

April 1st, 2010, London, ON - We are proud to announce Seremeres Games newest project; Princess Tulipdancer's Magic Love Harmony Adventure (PTMLHA).

"I'm really excited for this project. Tulipdancer, Princess of Unicorns, is a character that really connects with our core iPhone audience and adds to the iconic line-up of the Seremeres brand,"says Kai Hutchence, Seremere's Chief Creative Officer and developer of the Tulipdancer character. Seeing a big future for the IP he explained "I think we'll really see a deep connection with the character when people play through the story."

Beyond iconic character design PTMLHA revolutionizes adventure gaming with a focus on emotion. Multiple characters are managed through the "Our Special Friendship" system highlighting dynamic ability and action linking between party members. As well spell-casting is done through the "True Feelings" system that allows characters to explore their character's emotions and ambitions as a source of power for their magical powers. "We feel it's important to shift the dynamic in video gaming and provide a way forward to more personal, existential storytelling, and the focus on exploring feelings and relationships in PTMLHA I think will be remembered for years to come as a truly influential development" Kai mused.

The project is promising a great future for Seremeres games, massively expanding their potential audience by being their first release on XBox Live. "We're thrilled to finally have a product on the system and we're sure that our core iPhone audience and our new fans-to-be on XBox Live will really latch on to this heartwarming adventure about discovering the meaning of true friendship," exclaimed company CEO Serena Samborski. Princess Tulipdancer: Magic Love Harmony Adventure has begun its final production cycle as is expected out in Fall 2010.

For more information check out the project's webpage at:

About SeremeresGames

Seremeres Games is a small independent game development company based in London Ontario. Started by two game professionals wanting to pursue their own game ideas and without the influence of outside investors, Seremeres Games is committed to producing compelling quality games. Their philosophy is outlined here: They released their first game, SpinPuzzle for the iPhone and iPod Touch in February 2010 and are looking for a mid-2010 release date for the first episode of their flagship episodic action-RPG Ruby Rust.

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