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App-reciation Reviews Top Holiday Apps

December 20, 2009 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 11:23 AM

It's December once again and Christmas is just a few days away. In the virtual world of iTunes, snow is also falling, sleigh bells are ringing, and holiday-themed apps are pouring in to settle and spread the Christmas cheer.

Our team at App-reciation Reviews has been on the lookout for interesting Christmas apps to feature, and we've compiled some great stuff that will really get you in the holiday spirit. We had a great time testing out these apps and we hope you enjoy them as much as you do! So without further ado, here's our Christmas special!


Christmas Sudoku by 99 Games Online Pvt. Ltd. | $ 1.99 | Get it!
For fans of Sudoku, there's probably no app that can top this beautifully presented holiday-themed version! How well can you do when Santa drops various festive items on your classsic Sudoku grid instead of numbers? Read the full review

Super Juicy Christmas by Berzerker Games | $ 0.99 | Get it!
Super Juicy is back and yummier than ever! Pop bubbles in this deliciously realistic match-3 game, redone just in time for Christmas. Instead of fruits, tap to burst presents, candy canes, and Christmas bells free amidst snowflakes and Santa's entourage in the background.

Santa Trapper Online by Two Lives Left Pty. Ltd. | FREE | Get it!
The mall's been overrun by santas and it's your job as security to get things under control! Tap to draw barriers and isolate these unruly Christmas figures while saving as much mall space as you can. Kudos to the developers for another unique and entertaining game!

Santa's Run by W3 Innovations, LLC | $ 0.99 | Get it!
Skee-Ball gets remade into a game that uses a similar concept but is entirely different! See how accurately you can toss presents down chimneys and into doorways of various homes - from Asia to the Islands. Will you prove to be Santa's best helper this Christmas? Read the full review

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition by [adult swim] | FREE | Get it!
This one's for those of you who enjoy a little deviation from the traditional candies and presents galore. Actually, you do get Christmas items, but now they're stuck in various places on some poor patient's body and you have to take them out! Fun, right?

Trigger Happy Christmas by Games Faction Ltd. | $ 0.99 | Get it!
Another Christmas-themed game to satiate your destructive inclinations! Bad elves deserve a little punishment, and you have to help Santa blast these naughty and uncontrollable creatures to itsy-bitsy pieces with your arsenal of decidedly un-Christmas-y weapons. Bloody fantastic!

Holiday Smash by Sea Lion Games, Inc. | $ 0.99 | Get it!
Smash through beautiful Christmas elements in this fast-paced block breaker especially designed for the holidays. Keep an eye out for your zinging ball and don't let it drop off the screen, but remember to aim accurately and fire with your lasers at the same time to destroy blocks as quickly as possible.

Elf Command by Retro Dreamer | FREE | Get it!
With just a few days until Christmas, Santa's elves are working overtime to get presents sorted and packaged. Help them by correctly assigning gifts to deliver to order stations as the timer slowly winds down to zero. Simple yet challenging - the perfect gift for fans of time management games!


Little World Gifts by Kisky Netmedia | FREE | Get it!
Give a gift right from your iPhone or iPod touch with this amazing new app. Select and play with over 10 unique and carefully crafted virtual toys (in stunning 3D) - from a traditional Christmas tree and reindeer to a Neveready battery pack and, yes, an Elvis Presley figurine!

Nice List by Polar Bear Farm Ltd. | $ 1.99 | Get it!
What's Christmas without presents? This year, keep track of gifts and holiday expenses for everyone on your Nice List. It may be simple but you'll find this useful to bring along on your Christmas shopping trips.

Dress Jinjee by Emantras Inc. | $ 0.99 | Get it!
Delight your kids with this fun holiday app! Dress up your gingerbread man and make him uniquely yours with a wide variety of expressions, buttons, outline colors, and embellishments. When you're done, choose a message and send it as a virtual postcard.

Crazo Christmas by ustwo | FREE | Get it!
This unique and free soundboard comes with bright 3D graphics and cute yet eccentric talking snowflakes that fill your ears with all sorts of random Christmas-related expressions and phrases. It's pretty simple, but it's free and will put a smile on your face!

Coca-Cola Virtual Christmas Lights by The Coca-Cola Company | FREE | Get it!
Brighten up your world with gorgeous virtual Christmas lights and decor brought to you by Coca-Cola. Paint brilliant lights and add glowing holiday items to your photos to give it that extra sparkle, then share it with other users around the globe and discover their creations, too.

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