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Press Release: Tune Runner

February 13, 2010 , Posted by App-reciation Reviews at 9:25 PM

Tune Runner Is A New Kind Of Music Game For iPhone And iPod touch

From Appy Entertainment, the makers of FaceFighter and Zombie Pizza, comes Tune Runner -- a new kind of music game for iPhone and iPod touch. Tune Runner is an upbeat and easy-to-play music game where every song in your iTunes library creates a unique level for competition with other players worldwide. The game is a free download, and unlike many other music games, there are no additional music tracks to buy.

Guide Groov-EE the dancing boom-box through the songs in your music library. Every song creates a unique level, with background designs influenced by the song’s genre. Trace obstacles to turn them into musical energy and keep Groov-EE dancing!

Want to see Tune Runner in action? Check out this short video:

"It Don't Rain" music for Tune Runner video provided by Fish Ranch Road

Tune Runner is easy to play. Players listen to music, and draw shapes. Put on your headphones, sink into the game, and "listen with your finger" while competing for the high score in any song in the world. Play a favorite song of your own, or check out the Hot List to see what everyone else is playing.

While being able to use any music you own is the central feature of Tune Runner, the game also features a special re-mix of the new Angels & Airwaves’ single “Hallucinations” from the brand new Angels & Airwaves album, LOVE. The track was prepared exclusively for the launch of Tune Runner, and when players run that tune, they'll discover a custom game background with an Angels & Airwaves theme.

Tune Runner lets players experience their music in a whole new way. They’ll find themselves rediscovering their music library and developing a deeper appreciation for their favorite songs, too.

As Tune Runner is a free download, no promo codes are required to sample this game, but Appy Entertainment will happily provide screen shots, logo art, or other materials at your request. Additional assets are also available at our website (

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